The 8 Vol​.​One (prod. by Radsch)

by Teknical Development.IS

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    1 of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
    All songs on volume one are produced by Radsch.
    Artwork by Bionic.

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    Includes unlimited streaming of The 8 Vol.One (prod. by Radsch) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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The 8: Vol. One (prod. by Radsch)

1 of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
All songs on volume one are produced by Radsch.
Artwork by Bionic.

1st VIDEO CLIP - 'The Light Never Hides'

Vinyl Edition can be purchased from Dezi-Belle Records -

*shipping price for EU and rest of the world is tracked and signed price.


released January 15, 2016

Written by Teknical Development .IS
Produced by Radsch
Mastered by Figub Brazlevic
Artwork by Bioniq
Manufactured and Distributed by Dezi-Belle Records / 2016
Limited to 100 Vinyls!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Next Step
01 Next Step
Written by Teknical Development .IS

Verse One
Light the face and watch its smoke rise/
Poetry spills parted ways without expression/
These days I'm still glazed/
Tryna focus on the part of the picture/
Searching for perfect, stupid voices/
Broken paths towards the 8's/
Is life reflected from the inside fit for all to see?/
Still tryna calm theses unseen tempers/
The scale is great/
From them open days of personal insight/
To the last voice wrote for the Supa/
Courtesy disrespected so many chances to change/
Shake these words from the unseen/
No price for the written display/
Out the speakers, expose the journey of self/
From the realms of no name/
But this feeling, I had to explain/
Time travel, another life time, young/
Lonely walking down the stairs/
Eyes, looking like death was my only friend/
Who's watching?
Do you hear the other side calling?/
Its pulling as you walk
I give a fuck if this makes sense to you/
I wrote this from them, the others beyond the all/
We break reality, but we stay broken, tokin'/
Stuck in this domain to explain/

Verse 2
We still rising, still drop it how we want, stick to no rules/
I kill my self if I wanted to leave this Earth/
Even my heart can't decide the next step, the next beat/
The next step in this life, this cursed shell/
Shit don't stop, what's more worst/
What exist beyond the mind of the youth/
So raw they fear each other/
Traumatic scenes live from Edmonton Green/
Death strikes the beauty in this wild flower/
The one that picks that, walks of triumphant/
Mothers and Fathers they crying/
Baby children screaming/
Rage from the stares of baby mothers/
So depressing from the voice of no emotion/
Is this just another Earth experience?/
Untangle the web and see the message/
Hold still, I'm here to heal, destroy the fear/
Blast the guide of light, the gift of the craft/
Teks wrath of the math, fuck the past/
Times change, times rearrange/
So much love, respect to Obey/
The one who wrote the dopess' shit I ever heard in my life/
This game of rap is nothing but trash/
Kind words from the other side of the page/
Drugs, sex, violence/
I'm tired of the scenes where there's no light/
I'd rather pull that switch blade and cut my ties/
Raise my seeds right/
Better then the other life time/
Working with this path from the start, so many branches/
Enjoy this quest, meditated in the unfoldment of new vision/
The future depends on what i do now and that's not a guess/
That's internal fact, hold your tears/
The real choose to go/
No auto pilot when the seal is broken/
No need for the fix, because life's a joke/
No ones laughing, back to nothing/
Where the All exist .../
I seen it in the bliss of lovely vision/
Track Name: The Spoken Weight
02 The Spoken Weight
Written by Teknical Development .IS

Verse One

Power moves, words we choose to represent self/
Reflect upon the page out the speakers/
Collision with sound, combination always special/
Broke my rage when i was told point blank things can never be the same/ A new catalyst formed in the shape of one direction towards home/
The push was very ugly, the vision touched me/
Experience of equal disturbance/
A new path, we all got that walk/
Sometimes the mould breaks/
Tek the fool, not the one you know.../
But the other fool... Turn the cards over/
Force and Form, The IS speak/
More these days, communication/
To kill time back to the last words of Free:AM/

02 The Spoken Weight
Verse Two

Passionate with the ways we express/
Take these arts very serious, no image/
Give a fuck about what it takes to be heard/
My word is all I got/
I find a place, this craft everywhere unseen/
Invisible we kick to break the poisonous craft/
Candle light flickers, don't waste power/
Lets make this flame bigger/
Use the mind, try bend spoons and see what happens/
I wrote that with a smile/
Push the message of the other side so much/
It push me back, back to the future/
Where the joy runs the engineering/
Do you hear the constant message?/
Even some of my peoples thinks I'm crazy/
No need to say it/
I don't see the bigger picture, the master plan/
Explain your message, your presence, the reason/
Such a shift, I speak with words and question/
Avoid violence, still so very pissed/
Like the wonderful works is now tainted/
Touched by the now, watch what you do/
Simple fact no warning, so tired/
Fuck this art and its just a whisper of your name in the fire tonight/ Defending myself using my guided light/
Defending myself using my guided light !!/
Defending myself using my guided light !!!/
Defending myself using my guided light !!!!/
Track Name: Natural Devices
03 Natural Devices
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Open the page smiled at these words displayed like the sun in the sky/ Like the cry from a hungry child/
The need of life, my need of sound so profound/
If its always back to the simple silence/
Meditated steps, the untold quest, found by the guide of self/
Do you listen to the voices?/
Or assume the whispers interference/
Interacting with the unseen, and see life out side/
Change shape like a space craft in flight/
Spirit marvel with the light bright/
From the inside, your Earth vessel/
Black of White or whatever you see/
Pass the physical and tap that one point/
Miss it now, you about to catch it later/
Light the next joint/
Track Name: A Song For Henry
04 A Song For Henry
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Far from Earth's surface/
Conversations with the unseen/
Bodies rested, mind is lifted on a quest/
Water pages with these words/
Like its rain out the sky's
My soils righteous/
Use profanity to curse dem' wicked spirits/
Bless the soul of Peter Tosh/
I hear the message, peace to all the Mystics/
Henry nearly died, my touch brought him back to life/
Live from a coma, ask his mother/
Yo' I swear on my life/
No response from the medical persuasion/
Doctors like "what can he do"/
Push him out the way, his mother was certain/
I was scared and confused/
They said he was dead, held by a thread/
He on life support, they wanna knock the switch/
I grab his hand told him "get up"/
The room erupt, a spark so sweet/
Such madness in the mix of chaos/
Real life gifted, by the light, I never knew/
But now I hold it tight/
Now he spread the word of the Lord, his guide of light/
Bless the soul of BruvaMan/
He choose a new path, a path I wouldn't choose/
From me to you, Henry respect is due/
I guess we both here for the same purpose/
We drop our message with difference/
All is one and one for you/
Tek live from the all/
As above and so below/
What a charm from the mix of Alchemy/
Peace bro, one love yo/
From me to you Henry/
Track Name: Mirrors Of The Spirit Charmer
05 Mirrors Of The Spirit Charmer
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Conversations with the flames that burns your Earth connection/
Flash backs to lonely days the premonitions of the future/
Still stuck at the point of them visuals/
Shit is real still rippin' mic devices/
Writing ill spells across the pages/
Peep the warning/
I write your death, if need be/
And we see where the art of Tek it takes us/
Love Rap but fuck this element of life/
Meet the uglier side, fuck a simple visual/
Raw intimidating sides, corrupting sources/
Hurting peoples mental/
Lets do this for real, the ritual for real/ Bless these bones of Tek/
Lets dig deeper, further the darker, the place the other side resides/
Spirit charmer, curse your whole life/
Scratch the spirit essence like it FOR:AM Vinyl/
Earth tones, Earth stones, Earth walker/
Burn a Bible just to prove my words IS real/
Ill skills like I'm Jesus Christ, no lies/
Burn your image destroy the poison/
The only thing black I know is power/
So fuck your existence/
No respect for the eyes watching/
Lost responsibility, it fucking cripples me/
Talking to the unseen/
They told me "calm the self"/
No complex in between the line messages/
I spit this for all those with hidden agendas/
People watch close, again watch your closest/
They fuck the art/
So me its back to the section 4/
The word spells , so tempted to test the waters/
Either that or stupid violence/
But that's so easy, believe you me we fuck the wicked/
Twist the ways of disturbance/
Conversations with the flames that burns your Earth connection/
Hate!, peep the style, the word play/
The words like incantations before a deadly strike/
O'shit I love the other side/
Track Name: Shane And I
06 Shane And I
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Close my eyes before the pen touches the paper/
The ink spill for the love of expression/
The love of the art/
The craft I hold for whatever time I have left on this planet/
Spread my message, still tired, still quite/
Love the points where the mind is still/
Love the ways one can leave the body/
Always a quest since the first time/
The joys of writing these words of self/
Poetic ways, expose the self on the page/ Nothin' is private/
For those who choose to expose the other/
May you rest in peace/
Once again Rap is just a front/
For my words to travel/
Kinda like my spirit in this brown vessel/
For those who don't know/
Tek is for the peoples/
I give a fuck about colours/
There's a truth I know, maybe you don't?/
Kinda deep like in a hospital lift/
Me and his Papa all alone/
He's smiling, saying "what my son got himself in this time?"/
"He gonna be out tomorrow"/
The sad thing is that he was wrong/
He never knew, his son was already dead/
I got these words 20 minutes ahead/
Of this awkward time, stood with nothing to say/
Scared hiding the truth/
If I had followed intuition of self/
I would have been there too/
One night before/
I had this powerful urge to come and stay with you/
Life saver, or we would have died together/
Guaranteed, I hear the darker side is calling/
Whispers, form a ritual to make four hearts stop/
On my life it's possible, so very simple/
Incantations of death/
Controlling the unseen assassin of the quest/
Spirit charmer, with a new direction/
Find me in the light, out the grey, stuck in the middle/
From the inside, I saved myself, my own life/
Although your Mother she still cries/
Tried to pass on your word from the other side/
That you continue your journey on the spirit side/
Your alright now/
From your violent attack, no way you would have survived/
That's his spirit talking, I made contact/
But she won't return my request/
So your message still not been expressed/
One day I find the strength to go look at her in the eyes/
And explain what you said happen live from the other side/
Live from the other side/
Track Name: The Light Never Hides
07 The Light Never Hides
Written by Teknical Development .IS

Verse One

Pain stuck my heart when I saw her cry/
So I hugged her, what's left in life?/
Her daughter two years old/
Left with no father/
Shot dead, murdered by police/
Words can't explain her sadness, its not enough/
God bless the soul of her lover/
Sick with no words to express emotion/
To kind to curse death upon the wicked/
Unjust ways of corruption/
Like when Sam died/
Peep your closest, time and time again no easiest way to put this/
Point blank, Sam knew all of his killers/
Three of them/
Back to the point of evils man do/
Stakes are still high, higher then before/
Police they shoot to kill, with accurate moves/
The youth struck by the mental distraction/
Powers moves from the likes of Orion's group/
So ugly, so very ugly, so ugly, so fucking very ugly

07 The Light Never Hides
Verse Two

Who controls who, break the struggle wild flowers/
Listen close before you take the last step/
And spread your wings and fly away/
Peep that life science/
The light from the darkest place of self.
Grows bright like the source of energy out the palms of these hands/
Fuck the master plan, design your own, your mind is the canvass/
Catch your train of thought/
Create your own destination, a new track of life/
The creative world the mind provides/
Seek in between these lines, swing divines/
Climb the tree of life/
Mental alchemy, switch polarities/
Pardon the esoteric ways/
The black and white, the right or left/
Tek!, the double digit walker/
One choice but to shine that light/
The light, the love for the self and other/
The guided source as we together lift this vail/
Working with the force and form/
You got your own visions/
Yo from the third run along enjoy this louder silence/
Scream, let the poisons out clutch a stone/
Study ugly symbols, archetype of realities structures/
Laugh at these ways, but you fear the other side of the smile/
Like the dark side of the moon, so simple/
Learn Teach no preaching, strictly for all and everybody reaching/
Bringing warmth to this cold vain/
Heal the nation
Like when the touch of hands brought Henry back to life/
That's another story/
Track Name: Who's Listening?
08 Who's Listening
Written by Teknical Development .IS


From chasing spirits around the kitchen table/
To these written words on the pages/
Stuck in the jewel of exercising the mind/
The body holds stance in the form of little idea/
Spirit marvels with the matter/
The spark in the life/
The all in one, and one for all/
As above and so below, today the word is clear/
Free on the page, bare faced/
No hidden codes, expose your darkness/
Black powers of abuse/
Love these raps, love this vibration/
The same from the start till the end/
From the crown point/
Flow the source like a fountain/
Reaching from the steps like a child
Calling for his or hers parents/
Who's listening?/
Feel the gauge to rhyme the answers/
Test the waters/
Couple months ago I handed both my daughters metal folks/
Told em' bend em' 5mins later runnin' out their bedroom/
Explaining in excitement what happen/
Shit is real/
Like materialisation of a plastic cup/
Three of us saw it happen/
Or like DNT banging on the front door/
Late night 'Tek look up'
Both of us caught by this bright light, still/
With a warm glow, from no movement/
To just speeding of and there they go/
So many untold stories/
The fact that another side exist within my life as plane as can be/
The basic daily simple life of Tek/
Love communication, voices from the singing unseen/