The 8 Vol​​.​​Two (prod. by B​-​Side)

by Teknical Development.IS

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    2 of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
    All songs on volume one are produced by B.Side.
    Artwork by Bionic.

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The 8: Vol.2 (prod by B-Side) Snippet by Educut

The 8: Vol. Two (prod. by B-Side)

2nd of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
All songs on volume two are produced by B-Side.
Other appearances by Culpa (cuts) and Saxophone by Phillip Dornbusch
Artwork by Bionic.

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Dezi-Belle Records -
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released July 15, 2016

Written and performed by Teknical Development .IS
Produced by B-Side
Mastered by B-Side
EP Snippet by Educut
Cuts by Culpa
Saxophone by Phillip Dornbusch
Artwork by Bioniq
Manufactured and Distributed by Dezi-Belle Records / 2016
Limited to 100 Vinyls!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Broken Circles
Broken Circles

Verse One

Touch by the source, felt these fears burn away/
Purged by the dangers of self, relate to hate/
Pick your friends, peep the uglier side of trust/
Grey clouds dominate these skies/
Can't wait for the rain when the soils is dry/
Articulate the growth after storms/
Watch these calm days/
The quite life sits opposite this noisy page/
What's this quest worth when the end is unknown/
2 stops from the destination/
Will another cycle unfold, this is the 8/
So we movin' on and on the word is mine/
The sound is B-Side of life flip the record, here the other side/
Broken memories, the mental surgeries, fix the rooted stress/
Hold a new day like a picture on a blank canvas, my request/
Nothing less, stay focus, word to my friends word to my pen/
Crystallise the plan and work your choices/


Strange day nothing makes sense/
Broken circles/
What's the definition of real when you think about it?/
No growth when you stuck in dry soils/
Do you fold or provide the strength in self to survive?/

Verse Two

Standing opposite this Microphone device/
Peace to my team every word is the start/
Always growing like the minds of the youth/
Patterns of thought, many seek a truth but the real lies is unknown/
Face your reflection and ask them brutal questions/
The type that crack your whole skill, style, the test of the wills/
Prevent this violent turbulences/
Flight of navigators surfing mental planes/
Connected past the physical, the dusty corners of an angle you created/
Change happens the moment you think it/
Fact of life harder to comprehend/
Seeing is believing, use the eye that is always closed/
What's a flower look like after it opens?/
The full cycle, beauty standing live in your face/
Just a simple example, one easy picture of change/
Help you relate, spiritual the mental past the 8/
Track Name: Learn Teach
Verse One

Spoke on life you been here twice words of wisdom/
Experience held the words together/
The choice to listen was mine/
Young flower wild, talking to the unseen testing Holy waters/
Asking questions, answers rested silently presented in reality/
Daytime was boring early hours of the morning when the moon spoke/
My companion, the 1st word matches the last/
So many questions in the dark, I the self spark that light/
Start to change the ways of the thinking process/
Force expose expression of the whole/
I ran hard with the pieces of my life puzzle/
No rest till the perfect pictures manifest, believe you me there's many/
So bless the pennies of your thoughts/
Hold them dearly like you broke and poor/
Hope ignites faith touch abundance, wiln like you know how/
Spit raps like you the illest/
Learn Teach through the art of expression/


Ayo ayo yo the mind is where it all happens/
Start to think create learn teach add the ing/
Always thinking there goes another king in thought/
Traveling, stepping through his field of dreams/

Verse Two

Peace to Martin, both of them/
God bless the I in self, the dead and the living/
Those trapped in personal hells/
Rar pass the physical prisons/
Self harm where the blade cuts the surface with pleasure , disturbance/
So extreme, fuck who's watching/
Spoke on violence so sick the body reacts internal knowledge/
Beyond the skin pass the flesh and bone/
Resides simple response/
Live like your request already happened/
The results will follow/
Put that on my life, put that on these words upon these page lines/
Put that on the fact that drugs, wars, no equality/
Every error of fuckery destroy life/
Wont stop speaking on the same/
Present the truth in multiple ways/
Peace to the 8's/
Can't turn down the arts of the silence/
Teknical Development Invisible Species/
Break acronym of what IS/
Respect to FX name change further stepping out the gate/


Ayo ayo yo the mind is where it all happens/
Start to think create learn teach add the ing/
Always thinking there goes another king in thought/
Traveling, stepping through his field of dreams/
Track Name: Lost My Mind (Cuts by Culpa)
Verse 1

Cold world spit with love/
I break the spells/
I bring that warmth/
Love to hate? You a fool/
Poisoned by a twisted cycle/
What returns is what you put in/
Know your pains when it hits you/
Ain't no strangers in this wonderful life/
Closed eyes, alone candle light flickers/
Tek, I tap the source/
Spiritual waters flow, concentrated methods/
Attention to the self/
A simple blessing, wear to learn, the garments of life/
Black hoodies, dirty boots, camouflage fatigues/
The sense in war for peace/
Picture perfect conversations with the truth/
The minds creates, nothing illa/
Who controls reality?/
Just a question/
I know the answer and so do you/
Yo smash the mirror, step further pass reflection/
Blurry vision staring at this page/
Help the other die before I help myself/
Does that make sense?/
These words more then ink on paper/
Expression untold, journeys round and round/
Till the light shines forever/
Saw it in the shape/
The loop of life, circulate/


Ain't no tricks in this life/
Only the ones you allow to blind your eyesight/
Know the cause, know the effect/
Marvel in your world precise/
Close the 2 open the 3rd/
Create live from the inside/

Verse 2

Had a dream so real I'm living it now/
Ain't no daydream/
This shit last forever, the vibe is around us/
Me and you, you and I we flip life/
Make the rules, you peace to Jules/
Recovery so special faculties of the mental/
Like the demonstration of this mind on paper/
The IS unseen source, talk through Tek/
I love the other side/
What goes around comes back exact/
I said it before, I say it again/
Imagination touch hands with this black canvas/
Impressions print the future outcome/
Dependent on the power impregnates your truth/
Think before you speak, think before you write/
You know the saying, the pens mightier the sword/
Kick spells for peace, kick spells for death, kick spells just to express/
Examine theses words, don't be scared/
So many questions behind my physical appearance/
Fuck colours of skin, how we rock styles/
Just peep the unseen mind in action/


Ain't no tricks in this life/
Only the ones you allow to blind your eyesight/
Know the cause, know the effect/
Marvel in your world precise/
Close the 2 open the 3rd/
Create live from the inside/
Track Name: Sparkles

Poetry spills conversations with the spirits/
Dreaming of days opposite hands stop holding ropes/
To hang these beautiful faces of tomorrow/
Barefaced I say it, no repercussions/
I favour the words of self/
Unseen voices agree, do I care?/
Journeys pass the physical wonders of the 3rd/
No equal life mathematics/
Equation of this Earth bond experience/
Will breaking down distortion, half the portion/
Still the inkwell remains full/
Just to declare I write forever/
Time is nothing, exit this shell return if need be/
Learn forever will war spark in the future request of our future pretending/
No existence of frustrations over sound/
Questions of vibrations, frequencies that kill/
Turn the other page, turn the cheek/
You know these skills last forever/
Blind love don't cry, turn away/
Face no fears, no pains from the others/
Goodbye, the words God said, will we hold the last lies?/
So bad times unfold news, slavery it still exist?
Do you see, do you feel it? The fractals do/
All words hold physical power/
Where do your hungers turn, back to the doors of nature?/
Do you cry for the lust of a beautiful tomorrow/
You turn minutes of nature into experience/
The experience generates emotion/
Now that we can continue, break apart/
Mind body and spirit, choose the meaning/
Actions of Apartheid back in the day, theses days are numbered/
The actions of the oppressor across the planet/
The Sun will soon set on disturbance/
Do you feel it, trapped in the same source?/
Conscious wonders, calm times blank pages call upon with open arms/
The eyes is closed, live from the blackness/
Worlds of the naive, no slaves upon the pages/
Just the freedom of my written speech/
The mental seeds, lust for the chance to separate imagination/
Let it sail but be sure watch the others/
Distant times of the self, storms are coming/
Do you dare test these waters?/
The deeper you go the more breath is needed to survive/
Think before you ask them questions, exploration of the self/
Internal journeys where the self still remains the questioning/
If we all are one, did you write this poem?/
Are you listening did you feel the force connected to the source?/
You circulate the metaphors and life will change and you see it forever last/
Cold times alone, but the digits of the last breath is the warmth/
The path, the self creates deception from the holy book/
Distortion holding nature, we all Christ from some perspective/
Relate all is one, walk the floors of the rhyme with meaning/
Without the tension, the thoughts on paper/
Force back to the future hope resides in the chance of consciousness/
The planet soon decides blessed on the light of its own will/
Will to survive the answers of unknown self pleasures/
This world aint yours inside you find a planet of your own/
The self limitless whilst the natures speak out the blue the unseen/
Indicates the bigger picture, hold still past the hype of meditations/
No black and white faces/
We all brothers and sisters/
Peace as we fade the beat/
Respect to the word and the voice back to the silence/
Track Name: Keep It Moving
Verse One

Lifted before I burnt the face of my spliff/
Sailed across the mental skies wonders of Tek/
Over sound, respect to B-Side, DJ's keep this wax spinning/
Flying sourcers on deck/
From B-Girls to B-Boys keep the body moving/
Play this louder out the speakers/
Crazy summer days we chillin/
Or the days when the weathers pissed/
We inside, we still billin, building with our peoples/
Friends from other planets, damn it/
Split the metaphor, the food for thought rolls of the plate/
On the page in between the lines/
The scribble explain the view beyond the word/
The voice is heard, so hear the essence, another Omniverse/
The IS is representing hold this pen strong/
Smash the mirrors cut this pain out with the sharpe reflection of self/
Dope like knowing hell is just a word/
Change the language, trace the shapes back to the start/
The moment of your spark/
Just another cypher therapies of self a gift to the world of creation/ the pleasures of imagination foot prints from the sands of the mind/
Should we follow? Should I write what I see?/
The vibe is felt out the strings of tomorrow/
This planet spins on its own accord/
We cant break its wills to survive/
Soon we all depart, the force of habit is it tragic?/
I think not from the voice of honesty/


We keep it moving from the realms of music/
Smile on the path, you choose it/
The arts and craft display the fun in the moment/
We never still when the vibe is bless/
We keep it moving/
We keep it moving/
We keep it moving/

Verse Two

Education is fucked, I keep that statement simple/
Peoples of power, they rape you on a daily/ Mental, physical and spiritual/
Help from the others is just a bonus but only you can stop this/
Part ways from the dramas spoken from the shadows/
Plant a seed shed some mental light/
Water the soul/
Break the spells, the ugly grip from the unseen hands/
Could be your closest behind the curtains of distortion/
Weigh the options, what's the value of your next move?/
Could you leave home on the quest of an inner feeling?/
Seek and you shall find/
I rather know exactly where to go/
A sentence of value swings both ways dependent on how you read it/
Tone in the voice of the speaker amplifies the justified meaning/
Lies dressed in a smile hold the truth undress the beauty in the questions of life/


We keep it moving from the realms of music/
Smile on the path, you choose it/
The arts and craft display the fun in the moment/
We never still when the vibe is bless/
We keep it moving/
We keep it moving/
We keep it moving/
Track Name: Low Vibe (Cuts by Culpa)
Verse One

Low vibin' just another poetic moment/
Wrote this close to the edge/
Thinking of Toni, she crossed my mind/
Bless her essence/
Our conversations are never over/
Cold times, mental diary conflicting with the mode to keep it moving/
Love holds the hands of every part of this puzzle/
The twist and turns of something never ending/
Smiling on the gift of forever/
Will you come back?/
Given the choice, fresh face past the jewels forgotten/
Unravel new mysteries, my story new glory in the void of clearer ways/
Third world is far from freedom
Soon these tables turn/
Rituals of the cursed soon end/
Lift my vibration to part from the different/
Think Create and Live intended results/
Life equations based on the wills to survive/
Slave of self, kill the master there's the rope/
Kick the chair and watch the body swing/

Verse Two

If the light falls and the darkness rises where do you stand?/
When the moment comes to pass/
Cross roads more then one direction/
Do you live for the fact your heart still beats?/
If you know it would stop dead on point tomorrow would it matter?/
What's the catalyst gonna be? What's the inspiration?/
What's the points of your goals reached?/
How you gonna make it happen?/
So many questions but these questions matter/
Simple words to form this sentence to spark the action/
Get the mind on point/
Avoid these traps my peoples give me daps and hugs when we meet/
Physical touch, feel the energy/
The life force from one to the other/
Ask my homie Henry, channel other side/
Everyone to be exact/
The force is all around us/
Back to the laws of low vibin' spark the owl like a glitch of thought/
Continue conversation the voice is only heard/
I translate the unseen to written words/
Track Name: Fair Balance (Saxophone by Phillip Dornbusch)
Verse One

Pens touch the page but now the minds on paper/
Just a moment presented times/
Get what's given or take what you want/
How gives a fuck?/
Living in a world most despise behind the scenes so many chances/
More then one, treat your peoples right/
Violence spoke with no words but the ears are always open/
Toking sitting silent on the recipes of decision/
What do you do when someone close tells lies?/
Like they the truth, intuition says walk away/
A darker place speaks louder to explain the other side/
Who you let slide will feel the pains from a stranger/
Tears flow bless the lessons of life/
Talk is cheap, these words are priceless/
Closed eyes power moves from the third concentrated/
Pace the focus before the head rolls and the body drops/
Another journey as the spirit roams/

Verse Two

Trapped in a shell free/
What does it mean?/
No clues on what to do/
The birdcage sings a melody the mind can't understand/
Nothing but noise, the visions just a blur/ The feelings are real, Earth bound/
These words translate broken pieces of what was before/
Expression untold sits behind locked doors/
Is it fear to not use this force to open/
Do skeletons exist, faceless fragments of this pass life/
Now is a gift but who are the hands that wrap these presents/
Messages to self from a place now unknown/
Join the dots, unravel the mystery/
Life is a game from the heart of a child/ Rules change and with it so do you/
Hearts turn cold and vice versa/
Polarities exchange positions also known as a shift/
The simple balance only one can provide/
Track Name: You and I
Verse One

2 in the morning thinking about my homie Lloyd/
Such an inspiration/
Remember teenage years no licence/
Picking up our friends smoked out/
Drinking and driving, weeded like we stuck in soils/
Summer time, London, Edmonton late night chillin/
Keeping the peace, Police they keep on stressing/
Ready to react on sight, wild days and nights/
Adventures of a young'un/
Peace to your seed in creation, word life/
Before their tiny feet walk this planet/
From jokes walking to school, to now a Farther/
Such a beauty in the essence the guided wonderer/
New life special regulate the meaning push that dream touch reality/
Make it happen like Teks mind out the speaker/
Written words on paper through the microphone device/
Walking upon stages/
Living proof on the fact that one effects the other/
Spoke to memories and they smiled back/
You was there when turbulence crush my life for that 1st time/
Grandmother died, we drove in silence/
Flipped in a rage, Grandpapa died then Shane got murdered/
Henry nearly died/
I was on tour when Toni passed away/
Life goes on peace to my daughters, 9 years old/
Born not to far away from you/
Same month different star sign/
Time flies behind the wills to survive/
African warrior named Lloyd, I wrote this for you/
Such a special human being/


25 years deep put your life before mine/
Die on stage speaking the truth about my peoples/
Nothing but love for all ,today only a small few/
Tek The IS I put my pen to paper just for you/

Verse Two

Break the modes of self/
Edit life precise open up the portals/
Run miles, break personal records/
See no ends create forever/
Form them clear pictures/
Who said the pace controls the journey?/
We aint there yet/
Archetypical rhyme styles still learning/ Teaching what I know/
Learning from my peoples they a blessing in my life/
First verse was a piece and now I speak on the whole/
We form deeper then Voltron/
We defenders of the Omniverse/
Together spit life in word format/
Pushing mental, physical spiritual boundaries/
Our spirits marvel in excitement/
Confidence sparked by the other/ live like nobody cares but one forever the meaning/
Just spit personal truths, then you know the outcome/
Guarantee the ending/
Nothing but love wish Shane was still here/
Emotion talking, acceptance was hard/
Years passed but now I'm smiling/


Peace to my friends/
Change the hook at the end/
You and I are whole, perfect, strong powerful and loving/ Harmonious and happy/
Affirm it for the self, the others/
I call them my peoples/