The Everyday Headnod LP (Digital)

by Teknical Development.IS & Figub Brazlevic

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    The Everyday Headnod LP
    Teknical Development .IS & Figub Brazlevic
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Shorty before Back To The Boom, there was The Everyday Headnod...
An album produced by Figub Brazlevic, and written by Teknical Development.IS!

With no structure to the creative process, this LP is a prime example of exercising the moment.
Something from nothing, a meeting of styles, a variation of creative skills.
The Everyday Headnod, another art of expression, another journey with Tek and Figub.

During the time of recording, Figub introduces JuJu Rogers and Tek.
A song originally sited as a feature matured into a mass collaboration of songs to form the Back To The Boom LP.
7 days later Enter the Man Of Booom.

Now the loop returns back to the beginning, and we press play on what rested before the Boom dropped.

During the lock down period, we would briefly take a listen and understand this LP was still relevant and changing nothing, except to add the contributions of Noritsu, Christmaz, Bad FX, Tesla, Rob Really & Mic Donet.

The final result now presented is THE EVERYDAY HEADNOD

Foto by Philip Frowein
Artwork & Direction by Philip Frowein & Tim Wetter aka S. Fidelity

Limited Vinyl Edition had been released through Vinyl Digital.

Released December 4, 2015

Teknical Development. IS & Figub Brazlevič


released December 4, 2015

Written by Teknical Development .IS
Produced by Figub Brazlevic
Photo by Philip Frowein
Artwork & Direction by Philip Frowein & Tim Wetter aka S. Fidelity



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
Written by Teknical Development .IS
Track Name: Ninjaz In The Mist ft. Christmaz & Tesla
Ninjaz In The Mist feat. Christmaz &Tesla

Fuckas wanna know what‘s on my mind /
I found my destiny, that‘s why i grind /
Taken ya, back to basics, cause ya acts are blind /
Ya digging the lines that i write,
that‘s why ya minds aligned /

Verse One

Ittz Mr christmaz back in business /
With tesla, pickin the pieces /
To the puzzle, brought brains, soul,
gold, mind and muscle /
(to your Face) Who are u, what itz that? /
Who u rolling with? /
Figub Brazlevič, chick want us on some gangsta shiat / Catchin fox dreams, like Pokemon /
Suckas, just mad cause I build like Salomon /
Im the word whisper, the story teller /
The narrator, dreadz long king,
hunting like the predator /
I know u want it, WOOT?/
The style got dammit, my level in it /
Got, me teaching like Kemet /
Diggedi boom, diggedy bap /
Your rap, wacker then crap /
Never depending on your music,
to putt Ninjas on the map /
We Jump the gap, spin the loop /
Float with space /
Until the music come blasting in your Holy place/
Like ho ho ho, open up the fucking door /
Me an ninjas, feeling the hunger, like hard core /
Huh‘ Huh‘ But now I‘m almost, with the puzzle /
So respect my hustle, my mind my muscle /

Fuckas wanna know what‘s on my mind /
I found my destiny, that‘s why i grind /
Taken ya, back to basics, cause ya acts are blind /
Ya digging the lines that i write /
that‘s why ya minds aligned/

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Landed on this Planet with the skills
past the basics of rhymin /
What‘s the logic when you use your
craft in negative ways? /
Smoking on this home grown /
Wrote this Ninja scroll all alone /
Respect to Jubei /
Hold that Sword tight, Swing it right /
What‘s left in life after personal wars/
Face the mind, decline in Love /
Whilst the lust hangs lifeless /
What‘s your freedom worth when your brothers and sisters still fucked /
Stuck in submission, they rather die then live /
Will you stop or walk on by? /
Tell me no lies /
Either way the truth will manifest /
The days are numbered /
Mark my words on paper/
Ink spill like the blood of a slave /
Holdin down the spirits, simple natures of Tek /
Respect the self and the others /
Love grows since birth and its never ending /
Omnipotent like the poetry I spill /
Word to the spirit, turn it up and amplify the message /
Lets the peoples spread the word and vibe to this /
Track Name: Till The Beat Won't Stop
Till The Beat Won’t Stop

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Early hours, open up my pages like my owers /
Waiting for the suns presence /
I’m rising to this cycle of rhyme, the sound is special /
Caught within dimension of rhythm /
The movement for the body/
Hand in hand love and hate, the secret marriage /
Divorce papers take to time,
it’s back to the patients but I’m tired/
Tired of the same ol’ thing /
I spittin with these words I’m rollin with the peoples /
Just a mirror re ection I’m physically alone /
My dreams they walk within the shadows /
The light in the dark it blinks the spark
in the quest of abstract journeys /
Short days and long nights the time on
this playground it means nuthin/
No fears to step into the realms of the difference /
Cold crush this cold shell with easy tactics /
Chant the meaning let me stop here /
The doors are closed how pleasing do I mean it /
Analyse the craft and you decide and let me know /
Tokes lifted Kali misted sagas, personal
wonders of an emcee /
Invisible species, the path you soon get to know /
Feel the wonders meditated in between the sound /
The small spaces of my silence/
Focus pointed the ngers raised
in direction of oneness /
Can’t cut these corners circulated, no squares,
no harsh shapes, no flow stable movement /
Peace to all my bredrins, pens tip still upon the pages /
Alert but I’m rested peep the hands of illusion /
It’s just past FOR:AM journey once again/
Changing but the storm of the past weathers still strong past the clouds y the return of migration /
The birds of prey circle the sky /
The mental desert, the service is
dry but still the one ower /
Closed petals sweet dreamer egos smile with desires to destroy the self /
So why fear the raft of your enemy?/
When domestic internal violence rebels /
Poisonous mechanics plant the poetry /
Cut it, clone it, root it watch it grow
natural skills from the essence /
Tap the mental concentration, Live within it /
The every word to form this vessels presence/
Can’t neglect the crying skill /
Just a weapon, for powerful expression /
Learn/Teaching vision/
Hear to see the pictures of decision,
the meaning of my message /
Articulated from the boredom random rhyme design /
Many styles 3’s is not enough, rock forever /
Back N forth life aint shit dam
right peoples you special /
Heard the tears drop reverse the movement /
Internal warmth evaporate the
pain from the ground up /
Break disguised lines different faces never seen /
The voices never heard, hold the waters /
Can’t drop this bucket of discipline, its personal /
Vital energies they slippin /
Feel the pulse, pull the curtains see the aura /
Daylight approaching, another day from
the lands of this board game /
Will you take the chance of change? /
Or stay intoxicated from the place of no movements/


Funky head nodding to the beat wont stop /
Track Name: We Are HipHop ft. Noritsu
We Are Hip Hop feat. Noritsu

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Golden wonders of a rhyming dreamer /
The journeys cosmic, classic quest
of new dimensions /
Different night the same direction from the base up /
The crown is waiting the coil
unravels the snakes of love /
Chakras spinning, the frequencies they heal /
Hear it in the portals of sound/
The youth scream with that negative harmonies /
Beat up in the back of police transit vans /
Drive the roads of Babylon, soon
the queens head rolls /
Repeat it like an in nite echo /
Unseen pain from the faces of my peoples roaming /
Open up the self-absorb this dope vibration /
From the spliffted dramas to conversations old mystics, old faces where there life don’t end /
Some choose when to go, walk the
pavements of the other side /
No stress’s but anew spirit without a physical body /
Times alone many souls felt /
I see em in colour, the gurines of what used to be /
I’m waiting patiently stoned for the day
I contact my homie Shane again /


Tek N Figub, This is Hip Hop /
We are Hip Hop, Tek N Figub /
We are Hip Hop /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Picture perfect from the realms of mental egos /
Broken windows of this life science /
Break the image, marvel splendid watch
the devices of nature’s grow /
Personal endeavours, peep the
msg from the underworld /
Spy games internal vision, I rest eternal /
Olds souls the gang of travellers /
Nuthin stays the same so make way /
For the open doors close your eyes and
imagine the sounds hold you in a capsule/
Or the hands of freedom rocks the cradle /
Once a man twice a baby /
Respect the elder they call him Michael/
Muma, Papa I Tek continue the mystical cycle /
No time from the warzone of poisonous realities /
Plastic snakes, twisted politics and
the place nature gets hung /
We watch in a rage but to shook to make a change /
Point the finger, best hope you staring in the mirror /
Study re ection and if you lucky you
might watch it fade away /
Track Name: The Still Picture
The Still Picture

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

From broken pavements to the cleanness of soils /
Its Black or White fuck a language an image /
Can’t express this any further, simple
views of a mic spitter /
The picture from the stages, its shows
many cultures holding it down /
For the simple choice of living, rap
it has this type of unity /
But peep the image of your favourite emcees /
What do they really think? /
Can they stand this vision burning from the inside? /
Tek I’m laughing freely /
I know my roots, the spirits, they walk with me
they talk with me they speak through me /
Power from the face and mind behind the skins /
Don’t get it twisted, I twist the soul of a racist /
Just the thought make the blood release pain /
Calm down Tek /
No moments in the now’s to step backwards /
Hold the love like a still picture /
From your point of view what’s the word on this?/
Last question, if you die now with these
words the very last you ever heard/
Would you turn in your grave?/

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Ugly nights, stormy weathers /
From the place we call home,
London the house of terror /
I beg the youth start to take control of self /
Realise potentials of your hunger /
Play this through your headphones /
Next time police they try their bull shit you tell em’ no /
My hands in cuffs will spark your worst fears /
Intelligent rampage, you smash the school windows /
The radio is just whores n bitches /
Poisonous voices, the venom out the speakers /
Protect your drums, hold your instruments sacred /
Murder on the wall backwards /
Just a strong drink with a twist /
Change the meaning, living alchemy /
So tell me please what you scared of?/
You travel the world, rap the vehicle /
The sound it represents the planet /
You’re the spinning object in the skies /
Just another visitor observing how we planned it /
The life we living /
Track Name: Beyond The Drums
Beyond The Drums

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

You ever feel the pain where expressions is frozen? / Can’t explain the cycles in fear /
Rejection! Blast your frame /
Close the doors on depression/
You x the self the arts of life is all around us/
Do you see it? Feel the presence/
Spirits they mingle, they smile from the other side / Work the mind to work the sound /
The vision framed by the truth /
Natures blessing, to spit my word /
The bride she dies yo every night, hurt by
And every morning picking up the pieces
Watch your step death don’t give a fuck /
Labelled crazy when you talk on
visions past the two windows /
The blinds are closed, peeping
unseen starring from the 3rd /
The only thing option, living on this dying
Health is wealth keep it spinning, like the
No cliché, just some realness /
Its Tek N Figub droppin ill dope shit /
It’s something missing from the world of Hip Hop / Roll the dices on the risk of 6’s /
I take the pain and swop you for my 8’s no debates / Test the word and witness mental science in motions / The early warnings /
Darker side of peers are coming, ght or
ight, I’m high enough so I’m staying /
Rap forever past the physical /
Its Teknical working with the spiritual /


Yo yo yo Figub do you hear em calling? /
I thought I heard em calling /
I feel em’ watching... staring /
Standing from the other side /
No harm is done /
All they really wanna do is feel the vibe and take a listen /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Rested silent till the sound decides to join the journey / Applied skills when the scribble scratches the canvas / Scriptures form cosmic wonders /
Touch the source, the chain of raw styles /
Frequencies to heal the system sitting
nervous, lost in the stress /
Yo feel the sound to kill the cancer /
Respect life, the self and the other /
Son of a bitch love to hate /
Smash dem old ways, your man enough to kill /
But not a bitch enough to walk away /
Survival mode from the paintings of war /
Police roll but so do the youth /
I put it on my life, more to die/
London aint seen shit, so fuck a riot/
Now they join the other side /
Parents at graves they violently crying /
Death stands smiling orchestras playing
the melodies of resurrection /
The new life’s yo out the speakers
till another assassination /
No patients for the type of games reality be playing/
Track Name: Gang Of Trees ft. Noritsu
Gang Of Trees

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

How many words, can explain this type of emotion /
And even the silence it plays its own noise /
Avoiding the place to listen, man of my words /
Planet cries stuck in submission /
So from a personal space /
How the fuck you think the people living on it be feeling? /
I had to travel just to spit this my word /
What a journey, every day we spliffed, lifted with hardly any sleep/
Just for you to play this out your speakers /
Some lock themselves up in a room, and cut themselves in the darkness /
Just to feel the pleasures fuck it /
If it makes you smile let it be, sick pleasure /
The doll it sits upon the shelf, they look like you /
My craft it sharpen needles, peace to Haiti /
Magic lives, its freedom from the art of Tek /
No wars but respect this brown vessel /
All this reality it has to offer is the tactics
of pain and mental restriction /
Fuck it break the cycle of breathing lies /
Loading up my peace /
Let me blast my rounds of liberation /
No pains when we drop this life science /
Love the dead but for now I’m living /
I’m tryna kick it living with my rebels/

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Yo’ Respect to my parents, peace to my friends /
They working hard on this planet earth /
I bet their vessels are tired /
Their souls they holding baggage /
I swear to God in self I hope I’m wrong /
But If I’m right my hand is out forever/
Offer me a slice of your pains/
We deal with it together /
No face in the quest of life /
The ugly bliss twisted stresses of the now’s and thens / Remember sitting young with a
view hard to comprehend /
Chasing spirits, the visions were
different the smiles were bigger /
My aura screaming with them healthy colours /
Now this author sits older and wiser
But still in the motions to spark new connections /
Bless these words holding a séance
left hand upon the pages /
To feel their rooted past /
The place they used to stand a part of nature /
Gang of trees waving in the breeze /
Now they just a lost gem in the
dirt of my rhyme styles /
Yo i'm out peace /
Track Name: The Afterlife ft. Rob Really & BadFX
The Afterlife Feat. Rob Really &BadFX

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Yo’ the scriptures burning /
Coded sources archetype it spits the pictures /
The web is far from perfect /
Pain it smokes the night away/
Nocturnal spiders, calculated rap science /
Death hung from the place I was born/
Cried in its face kicking life, its Teknical re ecting /
The mirror smash for many years now /
Rage sparks new claps /
From the hand of new emotions /
Trapped by the spinning gates /
From where I live the faces cry with many fears/
Tears nightmares they rape your dreams/
Aspirations, no inspirations F it let it be /
How many times will the chance come
around before the heart stops /
You feel the funk tryptamine dreams, natural release /
No cameras but one vision behind the face /
Its mind control, from the screens destroy the youth /
Peace to my daughters /
Papa won’t allow the spells of life to capture you /
You feel the vibe, corrupted souls broken vessels /
Watch the young ones, yo I’m serious /
Spit with a passion, no restricted rhymes styles /
Spit what I want so fuck a subject /
Tek hug the mysteries of the random /
I love the natures of rap /
The life in its word and sound /
The healing wonders like its magic/
Rolling like the wheels on a board /
So many tricks in life, but we far from stopping /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Back to walking the lonely paths of the mind /
The personal chambers where the
rhyme sparks the pattern /
The meaning to spit this /
Chosen words, the rested life on the pages /
Created movement, circulated lyrical direction /
Travel round the source and break the codec /
Back to the start open doors to the sentence /
No locks, just your ears to walk
the sound and listen /
Rhyme the canvas, my painting from
the place of the different /
The strange watch from their egger positions/
Smiling humbly they praise what
was heard for the moment /
Timeless we last forever, dropping
this illness, dope shit /
Flickers approach the light is fading /
The pages rise towards a closer /
Covers closed so now it’s back to the judgments /
No fears on your views/
No image from the realms we live within/
Tek, Figub, RobForReal kill your whole rap science/
Track Name: Too Many Pictures
Too Many Pictures

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Painting pictures, yo the rhyme displays the illess /
The canvas is never hung /
Play this freely peace to all dem souls jamin /
From the other side those homeless /
Struck by the hardness or the drugs /
Reverse the thirst, the hate and spread the love /
Some sell death for a better living /
Beware on your children when they grow up /
You a parent and your child can’t kick the habit /
Take a petal from the arts of magic /
Field of illusion aint easy to break /
Meditated crazy exposers of another vision /
Sub divided liberated species, the same
strength exist underground power/
Feel the roots grow, keep your holy waters,
bless this with my own intention/
The snake its rested smokes rises, we spliffted scriptures existed mystic from the mental chalice /
Funk for life, trip from the dreams of open eyes /
Watch the cycle unfold /
Peoples hold tight we peddle dope styles /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Stress creates the cancer, round
and round we go owing /
Who will drink from these waters? /
Realness screams from the source of who
provides the chance to breath /
Holding my form sacred, footwork breaks the
master locks, stretching the physical /
Dread the cycle when the light infects your darkness / Spiritual wars played by the masters of the mental /
Capabilities they rest asleep they dormant /
Play this loud wake the neighbours
in self the walls are thin/
Touch the wonders of the engineering, hold it silent/
Just listen whilst you feel this up lift the pattern /
The feeling uplifts the pattern of what’s predicted /
No direction towards that one colour /
Feel the pains of all souls behind
the face of those near /
Fuck your lies for the path of a better living /
Caught up in the stupid politics, lust for power /
Just supremacists from a destructive culture /
Destroy em‘ emotions your one of the same ugly thing /
Track Name: 3 Wonderers
3 Wonderers

Teknical Development.IS

Yo’ strange styles broken windows
Let the weathers scream/
Unstable holding it down /
Leaning on the bass like it’s a wall/
Abstract circulation, listen to my written /
Since the conception the path unsafe /
But still we test these waters /
Toking waiting for the points to travel /
Opposite two of my closest /
Ayahuasca components work out the equation/
Light the fire, rest still blissful as time dies /
Assassinated by these true natures /
No violence, just the source of illusion partly broken /
Not active for this moment/
Only the traces meditated states drip from the mind /
Whilst I continue to scratch the page with oneness /
In nite direction archetypal collage on the canvas /
Binded pages break free, no chains /
Warriors run the lands of sounds /
Watch no face fear no taxes/
No ropes held by the opposite hands/
This aint a dream so fuck you, this my reality /
I burn the rope stained by the blood
and fears of dem hunted souls /
Died so many times journey back to earth more than boring / Spaceships fly as the entities they walk pass you different /
Walk by slowly on the daily. /
Track Name: The Everyday Headnod ft. Mic Donet
The Everyday Headnod

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

So many dramas /
Yo the footage rest upon the shoulders /
Internal weakness, internal lights /
They icker from the strains of life /
Alone from the place light has to pay the price /
So many candles burn in preparation for the warmth /
Beware on the strongest of winds /
They curse the pleasures of your stillness/
Peep the msg in-between the thought /
Stoned days but I look towards the health /
See me broken when the will dies /
For now I’m living, stable vibration /
Cut the strings, no controls from the poisonous hands / Dance abstract life melodic, no care for my steps /
Nuthin perfect, peace to Ahgori /
Play it only if you feel this /
Fuck your wasted energy in vain /
The shield is rested/
Reminiscing on the future/
Everything is clear /
Splendid vision on existence /
The fabrics we created is priceless /
It’s full of bliss /
The method far from different /
Like the same face but internal formation has shifted/
From the mind per-position levitated, far from games /
From the soul of life controls /
Teknical Development THE IS, Peace to Figub /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Yo’ yo’ crying strings turn to smiles when the
family of sound they come together /
No surrender for peace from the wars
for expressing the forever silent/
Will they accept this type of conversation /
Communication crippled by the truth /
They say they pro black, but sold crack to black /
My peers can go to hell /
Don’t exist, let me spark the pictures of your ending /
Tragic symphonies that make hasty advances /
Out the world of rap, destroy the image, Tek and Shiva /
The stage will crumble from the movement
of crews with weak hearts /
The mirror ripples with that soft turbulence /
Re ection of the self, unstable amongst
the chaos of decision /
If you love what you do then you
need to make it happen /
Pointless in the hope in trust and faith for your peoples /
No sorry except my words with love/
Fuck a 9 till 5 /
Stretch the slave and watch the skin rip /
Freedom walking, smiling little stresses it’s all good /
No more strength to walk in numbers /
So much to offer truly peace to Lloyd /
He watch out for my family /
Connections with your peoples should be
past the styles, the sounds and lyrics /
And back to the love, no re ection /
No restrictions we do this for a meaning/
Track Name: Alone At The Broken Home
Alone At TheBroken Home

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

The force the strongest yo’ you ever felt /
You ever tried to push this vibe away, you scared /
Body frozen whilst the night talks
with hunting feelings /
Cold conversation with the paranoia /
Crazy eyes are watching, catch a breath /
You can’t lift them arms and the ball drops/
It rolls away wrong direction /
Nuthins there and you fall like a drunk /
Stuck on all fours, kiss the feet of the unseen /
Tears ow like a deep wound, death is all around us /
Hold the hands of life like a child,
the roads are far from safe /
Nobody cares, yo what’s the option? /
Look towards the hope in pray?/
Our Father cheated on a nation
left Mama home alone/
Heaven nuthin but a broken home /
Fatherless no faith in return, so from a
shell of an adult I speak with reason /
What you seek is re ection and
better than the one you see /
Nuthin dies so just build on the life
you express as disease /
People’s please, your pain aint shit
but a x for the starving /
The ones ready feeding off the souls, trapped entities /
They look like you and me smiling from the outside /
But screaming with the violence
behind unseen screens /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Desperate natures when I spit in vain /
Scratch the plastic reverse the cycle /
Let it go replay the message, Sent the parcel /
Behind the thin lines of the physical / ExperimentalstylesinBoomBap/
Check it yo the seals are broken, the box unlocked /
No thefts theme, you can’t steel what’s given for free /
The styles are priceless, fuck a record label /
Major and independent vinyl spin /
Pocket empty can’t live on love /
Take your pick, live with no regrets /
Hang the self in fear of them deadly returns /
And kill the karma you control reality bitch /
Yo make it happen /
Tears from the face of Africa holding it
down with the rest of the planet /
The world is spinning patiently, from different places /
YO! If you watch the tables turn, enjoy the smiles /
Work it out don’t ask me why, I heard
the rumours of the ugly return /
The hurt was revenge where nobody learnt /
Track Name: Wild Flowers (The Musical) ft. Rob Really
Wild Flowers (The Musical)

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

High times I’m floating /
Climb the natures of the mind to pick these words like fruits /
The basket is never full, so much space in nothing /
And smash the brackets equation escaped /
Crying mathematicians hooked on ending complication /
No power in knowledge unless you teach /
Speaking from dimension special griping neck of death /
Life was the ransom and what’s the options? /
No time to think we let it live /
Earth a place too sick to live forever/
Scheduled meetings no reflection /
Sun light is beaming who was the vision? /
The pleasure brought confusion /
The price was concentration /
Standing windows broke, shattered glass/
Rage motivates new direction /
Calm the self to keep that life force circulating /
Secret life of plants whisper all around this vessel /
The bar strictly for the peoples connected /
The consciousness is special from the ones living rooted in them soils /
Standing firm, no voices but the words are heard loud and clear /
From the mental, who told them lies? /
The pain its tells the truth /
Health from the stems of life /
Flower power break your head off if
you curse the will of the natural /
Save the spinning marble from destruction /
Before we all roll down the drain,
can’t resist life forever/
So I’m picking from the elds expressing experience /
From the life of standing entities,
purpose build dem seeds /
Shadows dance when we plant em’ properly /
And holding it down til‘ the sun rises /
Energy is given, strength needs to break the surface of infinity/
Track Name: A Monkey Called Nature
A Monkey Called Nature

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Many talk on the past based on the word of mouth /
Hear these words, from the soul the burning patience /
Pass this whip around and feel the screams/
Can you take the slave /
Sorry the ancestors and look em in the face? /
Expect grace, expect old souls hug your spirit /
Your visions on events will end in tears /
Playing loud from the spiritual sides /
Everydayheadnod/ In disgrace from the place I listen,
twisted arts over Boom Bap /
Tek I landed with the skills unique /
Touching the sound, smoke with the creator /
Mixed pleasures, no pyramids in the cypher /
Just circles that last forever /
The puzzle to the darkness is far from complete /
Fuck knowledge when your principles to present
light lack the sense to pass what’s common /
Warlocks, the devil got no structure but
a word that lives from the heart /
Can’t feed the beast of new era /
My hat backwards Teach Learning /
Your message feeds the system you against /
But then again a bitch needs to be impressed /
Undress a whore /
Conniving minds behind the bliss of ill rhyme spitters/
Risky but death has a beauty /
Catch this simplicity /
If liberation and peace means your heart on a plate /
Will you present the sharpest blade for
the last that will ever shed blood? /
Hold them owers, shallow graves /
Rest blood on your skins, the art at its most willing /
No secrets keep from the windows
staring from this face /
Black magic has a reflection and they call it Tek


Standing from the light /
The dark a lot can change from the
lands where nuthins perfect /
Straight spiting, no point breaking it down /
The ships already sunk /
Monkey see, monkey do /
From the eyes of nature monkeys getting smarter /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Died enjoyed death and slipped into another dream /
Enjoyed rhymes, enjoyed life /
Every moment part of the canvas /
The floors of the divine /
Ego had a body the violent moment of self/
Ugly wars where God hung from the liars rope /
Ethic cries still cry /
Alone till the point at the sharpest tip /
And pierce the ink walls holding every colour /
I dare you walk forward and try cleanse these floors /
A whisper of your name spat in to the fires /
We examine how far we can stretch this weirdness /
Dope ness, this illness prepare peace witch doctor /
Burning bushes, so much eyes who
stand dressed looking normal /
No fears till the doors knock with your number /
When I say you, I mean those who
think I’m talking directly at em’/
Mirror re ection, no names its part of the image /
The mysteries of paranoia, no mind games /
Just the choice to walk the wonders /
Unclear but focused in the everyway/
Forever step into the circle of a genuine light /
Applied science of self, lyrical styles /
Hold what I know at most from the
moment the angle sharper /
Like Basic Imitation Through Emceeing /
The early days of rhyming /
Peace to those who know it /
Made by the forever closest /
Assassination can never affect us /
Same shit cracking just the fact that they don’t exist / Imitation over the sound, love it /
Same undertones in-between the lines
of words strung together in ows /
Violent hype, mixed with aggressive footage /
Realty of the physical tells so many different stories /
Negative energies, slow moving Chakras /
Poison hiss from the snakes rested /
From the dark parts of the mind /
The verse broken down develops so many pictures /


Standing from the light /
The dark a lot can change from the
lands where nuthins perfect /
Straight spiting, no point breaking it down /
The ships already sunk /
Monkey see, monkey do /
From the eyes of nature monkeys getting smarter /
Track Name: Poetry Is Movin' ft. Noritsu
Poetry Is Movin’

Verse One
Teknical Development.IS

Every day head nod /
The arts of expressing sound n word /
The earth internal spins faster /
When you chant the scrolls composed
from the other side /
Change the frequencies, instruments they
playing from the chambers inside /
There live the musicians we let them
pay the arts of expression /
The word n sound repeat it in the
cypher with difference /
Settle peoples life to long to live with closed doors /
Police roam defend the self accordingly /
Choose your weapons of peace /
No hope in image of intimidation saving
you from brutalities whip /
Soon the rage of the youth will spark /
Let all raised hands towards the youth be
cursed with them broken feelings /
Forever hold unseen pain
Smash the windows break the spells /
Life returns to how it should be /
Moving on like you tryna shake the past/
Disturbing memories they got you hanging/
ryna catch a quick breath... can’t /
For every one track, ends after acceptance
and from another page of life lives rap /
No said page number on the end of the chapter /
And fire burns like the mental corners its spreading fast /
No one’s close enough to save me with their waters /
Too much poison, but nuthins pure /
Not even blood owing from the
canvas behind my skins /

Verse Two
Teknical Development.IS

Smoke rising as the words falling through the mist /
Towards the grounded pages /
Sound clouds scale the skies of mental projection /
The weathers from these walking planets
talk with natures out the speakers /
Whoever thought politics once again would crack their ugly smile /
And fool a nation the voice behind the mask speaks again /
The Earth bullied by these other planets in universal playgrounds /
And nuthins learnt but be sure there many ways to teach /
Don’t allow the heart to stop /
When the force to see becomes your last vision /
Some will say live life how you want /
Tek agrees, but wipe them tears when destruction breaks /
Bless experience new doors open /
Rap just a portal for the message /
The sound coats the skins like a jacket /
Peep the warmth, universal size it ts all /
Its cold outside /
You wear it, feel the difference /
Teks last words /
Not for now but forever /
I spit this for the peoples /